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Birth Certificates and Report Cards

Posted By Kenston Youth Football on Aug 15, 2017
Just a reminder that you have till August 19th to enter the required information to play in league games. To be clear, we need *all* parents (new players as well as previous players) to submit the required documents and answer a few questions. Coaches or board members cannot do this for you. Please see directions below on how to submit information.

Kenston Youth Football Board

>From the league:

*Dear Parent,
**Western Reserve Youth Football League (WRYFL) is requiring you to have your player's birth certificate and a copy of last year's report card loaded into our secure system.

**We have been taking your players information for years but we now have a way to capture it for all the years your player will participate in the league.
** A player cannot play in a game with the WRYFL without this information being loaded into the system.

**Please follow the steps:

**Go to on any device
**Begin with Start Today

**Please sign your player up

**First name and Last name
**Use your email address
**If you have more than 1 player you must use another email address for them as the system assigns a unique email address to each player.
**After entering answers and adding the players photo
**The Home page will appear
**Select the menu on the left and chose Join Group
**Base on the community you are PLAYING for use the group code to join (all codes begin with 'Grp-' which must be entered as part of the code)
**Kenston - Join Code: Grp-17-1485-C158-1588

**You have 4 requirements you will need to meet to be able to play in the
**1. Allergies - enter None if do not have allergies
**2. Emergency Contact
**3. Birth Certificate - enter birth date and upload a picture of the birth certificate
**4. School Report Card - enter current grade and upload a picture of the
report card
**Once you meet the requirements, your player can be added to their team roster for games in the WRYFL
**You have until August 19 to meet the requirements or your player can not participate during a WRYFL game.

**Thank you,
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