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Concussion Baseline Test Tomorrow

Posted By Kenston Youth Football on Aug 16, 2017
As all sports continue to evolve around concussion awareness, prevention, and treatment, the sport of football in particular has received the most attention in the news as of late. The good news is all the attention to the sport has led to changes that are meant to have a positive impact on player safety. Changes in coaching philosophy, tackling/blocking techniques, rules, player/trainer report of injury, and equipment technology continue to evolve and get better in hopes of making this great team sport safer for those that love it.

As part of this initiative, it is recommended that athletes take a concussion baseline test regardless of the sport that is played. This test can help clinicians distinguish between injury and non-injury as well as help in the determination of when an athlete can safely return to school/play after sustaining a concussive injury. As part of our player safety initiative, our league has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to get every youth player in our league concussion baseline tested for free.

The Clinic will be at Auburn field tomorrow during our scheduled practice time to perform the test. The first part of the test consists of some questions given on ipads that the players will answer. The second part of the test is more of a physical test of balance and coordination. The test will be given in groups of about 20-25 players and should take about 30 minutes to complete. Since we have a scrimmage on Saturday and we are only allowed to practice 4 days/week right now, we are going to use our Saturday scrimmage as a practice day this week, freeing up tomorrows practice for the baseline testing. So, *for tomorrow only*, teams will report to Auburn field as indicated below. Once your sons baseline test is complete, he is free to go home. There will be no formal practice tomorrow so no need for equipment tomorrow.

*Players should report to Auburn Field at the following times:*

*Arrive Team Test Start Time*
5:20 pm Varsity 5:30 pm
6:10 pm Freshman 6:15 pm
6:55 pm JV 7 pm

Those with siblings on other teams, may pick one of their assigned time slots and do both players at the same time. Parents are encouraged to stick around and help, especially with the younger teams.

If you have any question, please let me know.

Mike Robarge
Kenston Youth Football - Commissioner