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Birth Certificates and Report Cards

Posted By Kenston Youth Football on Aug 07, 2017
In the past we have asked you for your sons birth certificate and kept it on file for the entire time your son played youth football since we required proof of age every year for all our players. This year, our league has decided to take this issue off each community organization and now requires this information be kept at the league level. The league is also asking for proof of grade by submitting a report card from last school year. While this is a bit of extra work for all of us initially, it will definitely make things easier moving forward. It will also help the league maintain strict compliance with our player age and grade level requirements at each level of play (Freshman, JV, and Varsity). Below are instructions from our league on how to submit both documents. To be clear, we need *all* parents (new players as well as previous players) to submit documents to our league for your son to be eligible to play this year.

>From the league:

*Dear Parent,
**Western Reserve Youth Football League (WRYFL) is requiring you to have your player's birth certificate and a copy of last year's report card loaded into our secure system.

**We have been taking your players information for years but we now have a way to capture it for all the years your player will participate in the league.
** A player cannot play in a game with the WRYFL without this information being loaded into the system.

**Please follow the steps:

**Go to on any device
**Begin with Start Today

**Please sign your player up

**First name and Last name
**Use your email address
**If you have more than 1 player you must use another email address for them as the system assigns a unique email address to each player.
**After entering answers and adding the players photo
**The Home page will appear
**Select the menu on the left and chose Join Group
**Base on the community you are PLAYING for use the group code to join (all codes begin with 'Grp-' which must be entered as part of the code)
**Kenston - Join Code: Grp-17-1485-C158-1588

**You have 4 requirements you will need to meet to be able to play in the
**1. Allergies - enter None if do not have allergies
**2. Emergency Contact
**3. Birth Certificate - enter birth date and upload a picture of the birth certificate
**4. School Report Card - enter current grade and upload a picture of the
report card
**Once you meet the requirements, your player can be added to their team roster for games in the WRYFL
**You have until August 19 to meet the requirements or your player can not participate during a WRYFL game.

**Thank you,
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