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Thursday Practice - Mandatory Coaches Meeting & Pizza Night

Posted By Kenston Youth Football on Aug 10, 2017
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2 important things...

1) There will be a mandatory parents meeting tonight after practice (just from 7:50 - 8:00) where former NFL LB Mike Haynes will be in to visit with the parents and talk about all the advances in football safety, as well as what we are teaching our kids to ensure healthy, heads up tackling. It?s an important meeting for us to reach out to you in the community to help ensure the future of our sport. Mike has flown into town just for this, and has scheduled these meetings with each of the communities in our league. I (as well as a number of our veteran coaches and commissioners) have been personally trained by Mike in player safety and hydration protocols; he does a great job.

2) It's pizza night tonight! Come get some pizza and some other cheap eats; it really helps the program out. Our pizza night is a great fundraiser, and we count on that revenue to keep prices manageable while continuing to provide the best equipment available to us.

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